The Groom’s Cake

by | May 5, 2017 | Blog, Wedding Cakes | 0 comments

Why you need a groom’s cake: When the Bride says “My fiancée doesn’t eat cake”

Besides being customary in the South, I believe having a groom’s cake tells the groom “I love you and it’s your day, too!”  If budget allows, there is nothing harmful about having that additional cake and decorated cake table that represents anything the groom is passionate about: favorite sports team, his career, hobbies, or special likes and interests. The groom’s cake can also serve as additional servings of cake to supplement the wedding cake, allowing for a smaller wedding cake. Groom’s cakes range from simple sheet cakes in a flavor he loves to pound cake to 3D masterpieces of his favorite team jersey, logo, or Fraternity. The groom doesn’t have to like cake to be represented by a special cake on a specially decorated table just for him. I tell many brides, it may eliminate your first argument, when he realizes that many of his friends had a groom’s cake and he did not or the first time he feels a sense of regret that the whole day is about the bride and that he’s being left out. Many men beam with pride at the sight of that special cake that represents them, so WHY NOT have a groom’s cake?