Kids and Cupcakes Baking Class Bundle

Or you want to learn to bake?

I have a class for YOU!
Do you want to learn to make a delicious vanilla cupcake?
You will also learn to make a simple and delicious frosting to put on your cupcake.
Then, decorate your cupcake however you like. I’ll give you plenty of great ways to decorate your cupcake OR you can just EAT it, as is!
Cupcakes make a great gift for friends or a delicious snack!


As a bonus for joining this class, you will receive a Christmas Stocking Bundle with my Inspirational Children’s book, Lil Dee Baked a Cake, crayons and a cupcake recipe (valued at $15)

You also will be a part of a Facebook community of other young bakers, where you can receive baking tips, tricks and fun ideas!

JOIN the Kids and Cupcakes class TODAY!

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