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5 Things to Know Before Booking Your Wedding Cake
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In This Guide You Will Learn:

  • What to Look for When Hiring a Professional Cake Designer
  • 5 Things to Know BEFORE Booking Your Wedding Cake
  • Answers to the 5 Most Asked Questions About Wedding Cakes
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About Dee

Since 2003 we have been committed towards making your special moments as memorable and cherished as our very own.   We specialize in wedding, birthday, adult-themed cakes, and other “sweet goodies” that suit your special occasion. We look forward to the opportunity to meet and hear about the unique details of your special day!

My Passion:  Realizing ONE Smile at a Time I Can Make A Difference

Everyone has a “dream” they chased, and a “mission” they wanted to accomplish.   As a business professional with an MBA I always felt that I achieved much …but something was missing in the office environment.   SMILES!!!    I take immense pride in happy faces, full stomachs, and memories that are cherished.    

And, though my Journey began in the “business world”, I cherished my childhood memories of having Milk & Cookies everyday after school. What do I still hold dearest to my heart?   Bringing Joy to the World, and Creating Memorable Moments for my family, friends, and customers.  Today, I am fortunate to carry-on as a loving Mother of 2 adorable blessings.   I am truly one of the few who actually combined Art, Business, and Science in fulfilling the dreams of the everyday people who seek my culinary services in making their Birthdays, Weddings, Parties, and Social Events … SPECIAL!!!